School Achievements

For some background information on the school please read below

We have one of the most read articles on tuning drums- just search tuning and follow the link to sound on sound magazine.

We’ve hosted ‘Drum clinics’ with international drumming stars

We’ve taught dozens of students, including one to one lessons and lessons in schools in Cambs and Suffolk. We’ve taught an enormous range of students at all kinds of levels and backgrounds and from ages 4 to 74. We’ve taught students various exam syllabus’ up to a very high standard.

Our teacher has racked up experience with over 25 different bands in a number of genre’, including Classical, rock/metal, funk, reggae, and also performed in a number of original bands. He has also performed numerous ‘dep’ gigs filling in for other drummers often last minute. Gigs have been played all over the Country including many in London. He is currently drumming for his own band playing Classic rock and metal and working on another new band playing predominantly funk and soul

We have written 3 books to date and many of the exercises used in lessons have been written to meet trends we have discovered over the years. We also have innumerable books from best drummers in the world.

Note about our Teacher and founder, Matt Seymour;
Matt was taught by the well respected drummer Paul Francis after nearly a decade of being self taught, and took lessons for another ten years. In this time Matt also received other lessons from well known drummers such as Jim Chapin (famous for the Moeller Technique), and the late Chuck Silverman who taught in Universities in the states and was a well respected player and educator in Latin and Funk studies. Matt studied for his grades under the old Guildhall system. Matt has been dedicated to learning and sharing information on drums his whole life and in this pursuit has spent countless hours practising, watching videos, attending drum shows and clinics with international drumming stars and now runs several facebook pages and websites.

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