Here you can purchase copies of my books, other transcriptions and products

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Beginners book- An essential guide for beginners, covering all the basic needs for a beginner drummer.  Comes with a handy key to help you with reading along with illustrated technique guides for hands and feet.     £15 (Currently only available as a PDF).

Theory simplified- This book is a useful companion to the beginners book.  It contains easy to follow guides for learning about kit setup, dynamics, notation, time signatures and many more. It also contains some simple quizzes to test your knowledge.   £15 (Currently only available as a PDF).

Techniques and tricks- A great detailed book to give you help with improving your technique. Comes with lots of pictures to help guide you through.  Improve your hand and foot technique, improve speed and dexterity.  Also some cool ideas for stick tricks to improve your showmanship.     £15 (Currently only available as a PDF).