We are currently running a promotion.   Come and have a trial drum lesson for free to see what its all about.   I guarantee everyone without fail is surprised about something when they come to learn drums, whether it be something simple like, yes you can read music.

So come along, have a try and see what its all about.  Drumming can be such a rewarding interest or hobby, a great way to forget about the day to day stresses, and can even be good for fitness.

What other sources of inspiration are there?

I believe the best musicians draw on as many sources as possible.

Growing up, like many, I was kind of fixated on one particular genre. Through lessons, I vastly expanded these influences.   Your influences are musical influences and also drummers that can inspire you.  These days access is so much easier than when I started, and yet it is vastly underused.

For drummers, find out what drummers are in bands you like and also seek out names in drumming.  Look up biogs on them and find videos on youtube.  For the more educational types you will find videos on youtube and also a wide selection of books and videos are available through Hudson music.   Watch concert footage too. Learn not only how the music sounds but how the music looks too.

Musically you should explore a number of different genre.  Look up bands from each genre you discover and look out for genre specific radio shows.

The list goes on, but the wealth of knowledge available is incredible.  Its just that many drummers don’t explore these things.  You can never copy or be a particular drummer but if you can borrow from them the you that results can only be a good thing.

Fenland Drumming School


  • Complete beginner?
  • Tried on your own but now need guidance to progress further?
  • Want to take grades but need appropriate direction?
  • Tried before and gave up?
  • Have convinced yourself you don’t have co-ordination?
  • Think you are too young or old?
  • Need confidence that the teacher is up to standard?

Consider a teacher who can help remove these issues and doubts.  At one time or other, we have all experienced doubts about our abilities or potential.  I have 15 years teaching experience and 38 as a musician.  I have studied the drums for many years, learning from multiple outlets, and certainly learning by making mistakes. I can help you believe in yourself and focus on the drummer YOU can be rather than making comparisons.

If you would like any of our books, the beginners book is available free as a pdf and the theory and essentials and technique books are available for 5 pounds each.For the beginners book all we need is your email address.